5 Secrets Tips of Buying Cheap Contact Lenses Online

Contact lenses ordered though your doctor can cost you a small fortune. This is because more and more people buying their contacts online. However, on-line shopping does not automatically mean savings. ( Low Cost Contact Lenses )To get the best online shopping solution from contact lenses, you need to know some insider secrets.

Secret 1: Find out if it really sell cheap contact lenses

Many companies that sell contact lenses online you big discounts compared to prices in the physician office. However, on-line prices also vary. ( Low Cost Contact Lenses ) We can not name the company, which sells contact lenses cheaper than all other traders, because different companies have the best offers for different brand lenses. If you have a prescription, compare the prices of their lenses in a number of vendors.

Secret 2: Check the shipping charges

A certain disadvantage of contact lenses online shopping is shipping charges. Shipping costs also vary from company to company. Some sellers deliberately offer very low prices on contact lenses, while their transport fees are astronomically high. Second, retailers are offering free shipping on all orders (usually only in the U.S.), but their prices are usually substantially higher than the other. ( Low Cost Contact Lenses )

Top will be on companies that offer free shipping on large orders. Since contact lenses do not spoil a very small storage space, since it will buy several boxes at once and save on transportation.

Secret 3: Additional discounts may be available
Speaking of large orders, some companies will provide significant additional discounts or rebates if you buy a year supply of lenses. If you can afford to buy an annual supply, you can certainly the lowest price. ( Low Cost Contact Lenses ) Some companies even offer both - the lowest price on the box if you have several (usually 8) boxes, plus a discount.

Discounts have two drawbacks, though - you wait until you get your money, which are generally available only to U.S. residents. So the fine print - discounts usually apply to selected items, and are fit only for a limited period.

Low Cost Contact Lenses

Secret 4: Find out when your lenses arrive
It is important to choose the vendor that ships your contacts within days of order. This information should be clearly stated, with shipping and the conditions imposed.( Low Cost Contact Lenses ) In this respect, the larger companies are better than small - have all the lenses in stock, while small shops have ordered the lens for you. If you have a rare prescription and order from a small vendor, your lens may take several weeks to arrive.

Secret 5: Read the reviews of the seller

For you as a customer may be difficult and time-consuming comparison of various vendors and select the best. ( Low Cost Contact Lenses ) One is to read reviews of other people who bought lenses from a particular undertaking. There are also websites that compare online retailers that you will provide independent and impartial of the best traders.

Low Cost Contact Lenses

What Type of Contact Lenses Are Right For Your Eyes?

Contact lenses are thin discs that when placed in the eye cornea serve to act as a substitute for glasses. Improved conditions for contact lenses in the same conditions as corrected by eyeglasses and include the following:

• astigmatism (distorted vision)
• myopia (near)
• Hyperopia (farsightedness)
• eyes (need bifocals)

Since the two have the same fingerprints, two pairs of eyes are exactly right. Therefore, it is a different type of lenses of different eyes. Read below to determine the contact lens is right.

Hard lenses

If you're looking for the lowest-cost alternative to contact lens prescription, you may consider the PMMA lens. This is the first contact lenses developed, and although they are not common in contact wearers options, still today. ( Low Cost Contact Lenses ) Type of contact lens known as a strong and may be a little harsher on the eye. They are made of stronger material, other types of contact lenses. This is a lens made of PMMA, a type of plastic is very durable. These are not the most comfortable lenses on the market, but very durable, more convenient and easier to budget options. This is not the best option for people sensitive or irritated eyes.

Lenses, it is difficult to breathe

Unamenable gas-permeable contact lenses, also known as also known as "RGPs" version is quite heavy (rigid) lenses are made of plastic and other materials, including silicone.( Low Cost Contact Lenses ) The main types of lens materials - allows oxygen fluoropolymers road straight through the lens, so the "gas-permeable." Some of the benefits of RGP is that they retain their shape better, so that it gives a vision of their eyes, vegetables are still wet, and they reject the dust and debris. Type of prescription contact lenses are ideal for:

• These are the eyes, which are too sensitive or susceptible to bacterial infection
• They have a tendency to suffer from dry eye
• LASIK surgery candidate
• People who participate in sport
• users of bifocal eyeglasses and reading glasses

Low Cost Contact Lenses

Soft lenses

Soft contact lenses are made of thin plastic and water. Water lens provides bendable and malleable consistency. Soft contact lenses may also be through the eye of oxygen to breathe. Most contact lens prescription in the U.S. to use soft contact lenses. Some of these reasons is that they provide greater convenience, easier than hard lenses to adjust and can be left for a short time.( Low Cost Contact Lenses ) Some soft lenses have been on the market are the following.

Extended wear lenses

Extended wear contact lenses are made of malleable material, which allows the use of the time. Types of prescription lenses can be used for 1-4 hours without removal and cleaning.( Low Cost Contact Lenses ) Although the types of lenses allow oxygen to, and they tend to keep the eyes wet, they are not the best choice for those with sensitive issues, and irritability.

Disposable Lenses

Disposable lenses are the purpose, to be used for a limited period of time and after. Type of lens is very good that people are sensitive or irritated eyes. ( Low Cost Contact Lenses )Although they are more expensive than the type of lens, the fact that they have been replaced by a pair of new daily must be very low risk of infection.

Low Cost Contact Lenses